Other Ways To Help

We need to raise £90,000 a year for Active8 to continue its unique work. Of that, nearly £35,000 a year is needed to run the Acceler8 residential weekends. We need all the help we can get! Here are some ways to help other than giving a lot of time or money.

On your computer, why not use Everyclick as your search engine? It works well, and it donates 1p a search to Active8. That may not sound much, but when lots of people to use it all the time it's a steady income for the charity.      


‘Give as you Live’. This gets money from online stores donated to the charity of your choice as you shop. You sign up with Give as you Live, and when you shop Active8 gets a proportion of your spend at no cost to you. Small amounts each time, but the more people use it the better it gets, and it includes things like holidays and airline tickets as well
as music downloads and Tesco Direct. And you get some good special offers, for you!     

                                                             Give as you Live
Scrap a car or motorbike.                          

Chrismas Give a Car

If you have one to get rid of, or know someone who has, GiveaCar will collect it, auction or scrap the vehicle, and give us the money (or half to us and half to you if you prefer). More information here:                                                                                                                      GiveaCar/Active8


Do something crazy or scary and get sponsored? We are registered with BT MyDonate                          


where you can set up your own fundraising page.  They collect the donations online and claim the Gift Aid for Active8.                                                                             

Anything else you like…Sell plants, buns, run an event, persuade your local social club/hotel/WI/church to run one - anything you can think of! Contact us to share your plans.