A Tribute To Liz

It is with great sadness that we share in the loss of Liz Olive. Liz founded Active8 in 1990 when a young man with Muscular Dystrophy asked to be able to get together with other people in his area who were going through similar experiences as him. She enabled Active8 to grow from weekends run through Churchtown to the independent charity it is now. Liz was the heart and soul of Active8 and will continue to be so.

Liz dedicated so much of her time to Active8 that when she retired she selflessly made the charity her new full time job. Liz was the ultimate volunteer always rolling up her sleeves or trousers to get stuck into whatever challenge the young people set themselves. Holidays were set around Acceler8 weekends where she quietly got on with the bits most people don’t see, from waterproofing the container roof to capturing personal break through moments with her amazing photographs.

We are only starting to realise the true extent of how much she did for the organisation as a whole. Quietly, without fuss raising hundreds of thousands of pounds, sorting out policies, keeping staff and trustees organised (no mean feat).

Liz cared for and appreciated every young person and their families that she helped support, be it with Active8 or in her role as a social worker. She was always willing to stick up for people when things needed changing be it by helping them to sort out transport or chasing MPs so they understood the real impact of politics.

Active8 will keep her ethical base alive. Educating and discussing with young people about Fair trade, international issues and believing in peoples’ ability. Liz got so much pleasure from watching others have fun and enjoying life. Something that she managed to make happen for so many people.

We will miss her greatly and appreciate everything she accomplished. She has left a real gift which we will treasure and continue to nurture so that many more people can benefit from Liz’s legacy.

Liz   On the crest of a wave

Liz Olive
June 1946 - February 2016